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Easily Share Results With Other Infusionsoft Users

Easily Share Results With Other Infusionsoft Users

Ever needed to share the results of a contact search/report in Infusionsoft with other Infusionsoft users via the dashboard?

Infusionsoft’s dashboard is setup according to the needs of each individual user.

This is helpful as something that’s important to me, may not be important to another Infusionsoft user.

Where this can be quite annoying or time-consuming is when there are standard results that are important to the business or for multiple users.

Previously every single user in Infusionsoft needed to set up widgets themselves, involving time for every user to setup the same thing.

Check out this video on how to do it the simple way, so someone in your team sets this up once and then shares the results with relevant users in your business.

PS You’ll notice in the video above we’re sharing the stats to other users on how many contacts in your database can you email or not.  If you haven’t looked at this yet, check out the step by step approach outlined in our Is Your Database Healthy? Infusionsoft Email Status Search article here.

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