What is Keap?

Keap is a sales and marketing platform designed to help small business like you grow, improve customer service and increase sales.

For any business looking to become more profitable, scale and/or grow, then a CRM is a must to help:

What is Keap?

Keap, formally known as Infusionsoft, is one of the pioneering companies starting in 2001 delivering sales and marketing automation for small business.  Not only is Keap a company, Keap is also forms part of the name of two of their products.

The Keap Product Family

Keap offers three core products, Keap Grow, Keap Pro and Infusionsoft By Keap.  Depending on a few criteria will determine the best platform for a small business.   This comes down to the functionality that you need to operate and grow your business.

Keap Infusionsoft Product Family - Streamline For Success

Who This Is For?

Keap products are designed primarily but definitely not restricted to service based small businesses.  Some of the specific industries that we’ve worked with include:

Why Keap?

Keap is not a new player.  Having been around since 2001, they were one of the original companies helping small business automate, but they are still here and still innovating 🙂

As one of the pioneers in the customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing and automation spaces for small business, Keap truly does believe in helping small businesses succeed.

Keap recognises the challenge of running a business.  It can be tough.  There are times that you want to give up.  People around you wonder why you don’t just get a job.  Perhaps you can relate?

It doesn’t need to be that hard!

So, Does Infusionsoft Still Exist?

Early in 2019, Infusionsoft rebranded as Keap.  The flagship all-in-one platform Infusionsoft, has been renamed to Infusionsoft by Keap.  It still exists, still support, still being developed and not going anywhere – YAAY! 🙂

Keap Product Core Functionality

Here are some of the core functionality available in the 3 core products offered by Keap.

Keap Grow

Check out the following Keap Grow demo to find out more about some of the features available in this solution.

Keap Pro

To discover specific features in the Keap Pro solution, check out this demo video.

Infusionsoft By Keap

For more information, check some highlights of the Infusionsoft By Keap solution in this video:

Keap Pricing & Infusionsoft By Keap Pricing

For more information on the latest Keap pricing, including extra discounts and Australian pricing.  Plus, purchase through us too, and we’ll also bonus in our exclusive online group program for 2 months for FREE, valued at $194.


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