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Is Your Database Healthy? Infusionsoft Email Status Search

Do you know how many people you can ACTUALLY email on your database?

Do you know how engaged your list is?

Your email database health is critical if you want to improve deliverability, generate greater engagement and increase conversions.

So often, businesses come to us really happy with the size of their database.

However, there is one BIG problem…

They cannot send an email to a high percentage of their contacts 🙁

Do you know right now how many contacts on your database you CANNOT email?

Do you know if you have issues with engagement?

This is one of the biggest blind spots for most businesses that use Infusionsoft.

Check out the video where I will walk you step by step how you can identify how healthy your database is right now and how you can continue to monitor and do something about any problem areas.

(NOTE: To access your free Database Health Assessment Guide here that covers the Email Status Search, so you can use to track these results in your business, click the details below.

We’ll also include some suggestions on what you can do to take this information and apply it in your business. Learn more now.)

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