Infusionsoft is one of the most powerful sales and marketing platforms available on
the market for small business… however, only if you use it!

With the power of Infusionsoft, also comes an element of complexity in using the platform. Businesses often reach out to us to help train to cover the following scenarios:

New team member

perhaps you’re growing and you need help transitioning knowledge to a new staff member or you’ve had a team member leave

Want to learn what others are doing

you might want to hear how others are using Infusionsoft, so you can get inspired and get ideas to setup in your business

Expand your knowledge

get exposure to more functionality in Infusionsoft

Review campaigns/setups together

learn the best way to structure campaigns and optimise your setup to achieve greater results

Training videos

particularly useful for outlining custom implementations in Infusionsoft on how things work, how staff interact with the setup and what it’s like for an end user (helpful to share with new staff members when they come in)

Team training

get a department up to speed with the basic functionality of Infusionsoft and/or customised training on how to use a specific setup

With a background in human resources, I personally understand the importance of empowering your team with knowledge so that staff are competent and feel confident when using Infusionsoft.

“Hi, it’s Liz here and I’ve spent the day with Mandy and if you want to really get control of your Infusionsoft and actually get it working for you, if you’re not sure about the campaigns and how they work, like I was. I wasn’t really quite unsteady how everything fit together, it all came together today. So it was, how many hours, 6 hours absolutely well spent and it’s gonna really boost what I know is capable, what I know I can do in Infusionsoft and it’s really gonna make a big difference to how I run my campaigns, how everything’s structured and set up so I would highly recommend you make the time to be here, take the day out and really focus on it and really make a massive difference to your business, so thanks Mandy. ”

Liz Raad, Founder, eBusinessInstitute

Depending on your specific needs and budget, we have a several training option available to suit – whether you’re looking for group training, online one-one training or arrange a small group workshop to large training event to upskill your team.


Online Group Training


Online Custom Training


Live Custom Training

To discuss which option best suits your specific Infusionsoft training needs, book a call today.

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