Infusionsoft is one of the most powerful sales and marketing platforms available on
the market for small business… however, only if you use it!

Not everyone has the time, knowledge or experience to master Infusionsoft. We get it and that’s ok. We love partnering closely with business owners who want a proactive partner to help them scope out their automation or take care of their implementation for them, so ultimately you can focus more on what you do best.

Whether offer three core options to support implementation for Infusionsoft users:

Advise on
strategy/scoping of
In person brainstorming
sessions to map<
out complex workflows
and business processes
Complete done for

If you’re looking for more strategic help on automation design, then we can help map out the workflow for you so you can build it yourself or alternatively, we can take care of the scoping and implementation for you.

Our implementation methodology follows the below 6 step process:

1. Goals

getting clear about what you want to build, why and the specific measurable results that you want to achieve before getting started

2. Structure

determine the best way to design the workflow to achieve a lean setup first until concept is proven for greater complexity/functionality

3. Collateral

understand the collateral needed to support the structure being built

4. Setup

this is where the structure and collateral come together to be created in Infusionsoft and/or relevant plugins

5. Test & Launch

We believe in a thorough testing framework to ensure if anything goes wrong, it happens to a test contact and not a real one. Once you’ve passed this phase, it’s then about launching

6. Review & Refine

ensure you’re able to monitor the results in line with your original goals and identify opportunities to improve campaign performance

Here’s what one of clients had to say about working with us.

“I had signed up to Infusionsoft because I needed a CRM, but I was never aware of the power of the software until I was introduced to Mandy Brasser. Mandy took the time to really understand our business, and then started to set up the systems and automation that we now use. Gradually we added complementary software such as Appointmentcore for calender management, and Graphly for data review. All I can say is wow – I never expected that we would have the amazing results we are seeing now, only six months after starting our consultancy. We now have a world class automated system for managing our leads and prospects, and the ability to roll it out easily to new staff. Our leads have increased by around 300%; but importantly we have a tool which makes it easy to deal with unqualified leads quickly, meaning we can spend more time on solid leads. Turnover has increased by 50%; and everyone in the office is enjoying working with the new systems. Mandy’s VIP Leveraged Lab group has also provided valuable education to those team members who use the program the most. Thanks to Mandy, we are saving time, making more money and getting less grey hairs! I’d recommend Mandy and Infusionsoft to any business that wants to grow!”

    Leanne Stevens


Strategy / Scoping



One-Day Workflow Scoping

To discuss your Infusionsoft strategy, scoping or implementation needs, book a call today.

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