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Fastest Way To Launch Your Next Product

I’m super excited to share a strategy that we recently used to launch a new product without even a product name confirmed or sales page live!

A number of businesses recently had asked us if we run in person training events on Infusionsoft.

We’d thought about it for a while, but for some reason lately we’d had a lot more requests than normal.

We work with speakers every day and see first hand the amount of effort to pull together the pieces of collateral to sell into an event wasn’t something I was too keen on.

You’ve got to create a sales page, thank you page, setup products and order forms, email responders to write and load, campaigns of course to structure and if you’re using an event plugin to help streamline the registration check in process at the event, these also need to be setup.

Of course, not to mention organizing logistics – dates, location etc etc.

We did something pretty crazy that I’ve heard about before, but never had the guts to try.

So here’s what we did…

After months of sending valuable content to our database, we selected a small group of past and current customers as well as prospects that we knew this might be a good fit for.

We tagged them all so we could easily identify and send out a broadcast to those contacts.

Instead of setting up all the sales pages or anything like that, we simply sent one email asking them if they needed help on Campaign Builder (which is the focus of this first event).

I’m an upfront person and I shared in that email we’d had some interest and if we had enough people keen, then we’d run the event, if not, then all good.

We’re told, particularly with all the fancy tools available out there, including Infusionsoft, that we need get people to go to a page or click a link to actually take action.

In this case, we didn’t do that at all.

We simply asked people to reply to this email.

WHAT?!?! 🙂Email Reply

I know right, manual and old school, but you know what?

It worked!

We got a terrific response, not only that, it actually meant that we have an open dialogue with those people who are genuinely interested because they sent us a personal email and we could respond.

Genius, no, but did it work… YES!

I’m not saying do this on every email, but if you’re considering putting together a new offer, instead of spending hours or even days getting all the collateral together and weeks before you launch, write one email and gauge interest.

If we didn’t get a response, we wouldn’t have progressed further with it at all and at a minimum we would have lost time writing just one email.

Now we’ve got enough interested, we’ve hustled to get the collateral sorted.

Yes it’s a bit of a mad race, but I’m so much happier and confident working on something that the market says they want and we have people ready to buy.

This strategy was a game changer for us and I hope by sharing it with you, that you’ll also take a look at where you can implement this in your business.

So here’s a recap:

  • What are your customers or prospects asking for?
  • What’s a compelling offer you can put together to confirm interest?
  • When are you going to send your email out?!?!

Here’s to you testing the market and going on school and asking people to reply to your emails 🙂

Let me know how you go, would love to hear!

P.S.  Something I didn’t mention above, in the email body, I also included a timeframe for people to respond and let them know with this intensive workshop we would only be taking 6 participants and the first 3 would receive a discount.  Both of these factors helped create scarcity that I believe contributed to the response we received.

P.P.S. Of course if you’re interested in finding out more information about our upcoming The Campaign Campus LIVE event, click here to let us know, we’d be happy to have you!

P.P.P.S. We have since written another article on the order we built this event out, which you can apply in your product launches. Go here to check out our Lean Campaign Launching article.

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