[Podcast Interview] The Real Story Behind Why I Do What I Do…

In November 2017 I sat down with Peter Daly-Dickson in Phoenix, Arizona US who interviewed me for his new podcast – the Partner’s Partner podcast.

We had a delightful conversation, and shared a few things that I probably haven’t shared much in a public arena before.

Click here to access the podcast episode.

Whether you use Infusionsoft or not, (or whether you know what the heck a partner or not!), it doesn’t matter 🙂

I share about why I do what I do and how I went from corporate HR to running a business that I can have the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Some highlights from the episode:

  • It’s never too late to pull the pin
  • Do what you love
  • Choose who you work with
  • How you can use values to help select the best clients
  • How being unreasonable with yourself can get you further faster

Prior to the podcast, Peter asked me to send through some pictures to discuss on the call.

Here are the three images that I selected for various reasons:

Me and my beautiful dog Mischief a few years before she passed away.

Speaking at an event in 2017.

Snake lollies on a road trip… (yep there is an important lesson here with that random green snake head!)

For more details on why these pictures are important to me, check out the complete podcast interview here

Thanks Peter for the opportunity to speak and make sure you check out his podcast, some incredible and inspiring partners being featured on there and feel honored to be included.

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