How To Use Infusionsoft Quick Add Forms To Easily Add Contacts

Do you or your team need to manually add contacts into your Infusionsoft database? Want to customize the information being collected, update tags and trigger automation? Then the Infusionsoft Default Quick-Add Form feature is something you definitely want to setup.

Check out this video why this is important and how to set up the Infusionsoft Default Quick-Add Form based on a custom internal form that you’ve :

In the top right hand corner of Infusionsoft there is a “+” button to add new contacts into Infusionsoft.

You’ve got the ability to remove this default and set a new default as an internal form that you create.

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Here are some of the key benefits in setting your own internal form as the default:

  • You can set the exact data you want to capture on new contacts (so users don’t have to create a contact, then go into the full contact record and update various fields)
  • In particular, you can capture the lead source – this is critical information that is often missed that you want to make sure you’re capturing where someone came from at the moment that they are manually being added to the database
  • You can apply tags based on radio button/checkboxes used on the internal form
  • You can trigger automation upon completion of the form so contacts enter a campaign sequence/s
  • You can also add explanatory text to help your Infusionsoft users to understand why you’re capturing information, what happens once submitted or extra notes on the collection of inputs.

Here is an example of new default quick-add form for staff to complete when they need to manually add contacts into Infusionsoft

Just remember, that it’s critical that you let users know that you must check the database first to ensure that the contact doesn’t already exist. Unfortunately, the internal form submission does not do an automatic duplicate check.

There are more tips on how to set this up in the video above. Be sure to check it out.

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