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#ICON14 Event Insights

ICON14, Infusionsoft’s annual three day small business conference has concluded for another year and I wanted to share my highlights.

The list of speakers were highly impressive, including Clate Mask, Simon Sinek Seth Godin, Peter Shankman, JJ Ramberg and many more.

I am incredibly grateful that Infusionsoft arranged free live streaming this year, as I wasn’t able to make it to Phoenix, Arizona in the US in person this year.  If you attended or joined online, please drop me a line, what did you get from it?  Keen to hear your insights as well.

Due to the timezone differences in Australia I only managed to tune into a few sessions.  Here are some of my main insights from the live stream:

  • When you’re starting up a business, you’ve got to sell and have a marketing budget.  I loved that Clate Mask highlighted the importance of focusing on revenue generating activities, particularly for businesses that may be struggling a little.  It always comes back to basics.
  • It’s critical to have vision and culture.  If you’re lacking either this comes back to you as the business leader.  Share your vision with your employees and customers and ensure there is alignment.
  • An example mentioned in one of the session, is of a guy that is helping people who have chickens in a suburban backyard.  He has built a massive business and has 20,000 people listening to his radio show every week!  Who would have thought that many people are interested in chickens!  If he can do it, I bet you can as well!  It’s all about creating consistent and high quality content to generate a following.
  • Some takeaways from the 2014 Small Business Finalists
    • Dress for the job you want, this applies the same for your business systems as well, get and be ready for the customers you want.
    • Do one thing well and create a process for accepting or denying people if they are not a match with your business.
    • Make sure you segments your list, so that you can send more personal communications to them.
    • Send some emails with no branding or banner – just plain text and have “Sent from iphone/ipad”, it looks like they have just sent it themselves

They were just some of my insights from #ICON14 event.  I’m eagerly waiting access to the recordings to watch the other great speakers that featured throughout the three day event.  If you’re keen to gain access to these as well, click the #ICON14 videos to purchase today.  Many valuable lessons for all small business!

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