How To Test Your Infusionsoft Campaign (Including Purchase Goals)

Need to test your Infusionsoft campaign? 

Here is our step-by-step approach to testing before you get it live in the world! 

In this video we will cover: 

  • How to test a webform 
  • Gotchas you must be aware of when using external optin tools (such as Leadpages 
  • How to confirm your webform thank you pages are working 
  • How to test tagging and emails in a sequence within minutes (even those schedules days out) 
  • How to test a purchase goal so that you don’t have to rack up $$$’s on your credit card for dummy purchases 
  • How to ensure that your purchase thank you page are working

How To Test Your Infusionsoft Campaigns (and Purchase Goals): 

Check out this video on how to test an Infusionsoft campaign: 


(Note – I wouldn’t EVER suggest going from a free optin direct to a $1,000 product order form, unless the first step was actually opting in to buy on the sales page (and you were doing a cart abandonment follow up for that particular product).  The order form was used just as an example of a URL) 

As mentioned in this video here are a few additional resources: 

  • Infusionsoft Tagging Guide – check out the full blog article here with an outline of the approach that we recommend to our clients. 
  • Testing Credit Cards – here is the list provided by Eway for those Infusionsoft customers who use their gateway (as mentioned this can be a bit hit and miss so try this, but go with the promo code approach if it doesn’t work) 
  • Infusionsoft Email Deliverability Fix – if you or  your contacts aren’t receiving important emails, check out this checklist to cover off the critical steps to troubleshoot 

Testing A Campaign Sequence 

On another note, in the video above I mentioned how to test a campaign via achieving certain goals along the workflow, in particular webforms and purchase goals. Of course you can use and achieve other goals in your campaigns – therefore follow the same approach to test those. However, if you just want to test a campaign sequence without achieving a goal prior, please check out this article on how to add contacts into a campaign sequence.  

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Testing An Email (Additional Notes) 

A few other items that I didn’t mention in the video, that you should pay attention to when you’re testing an email: 

  • Subject line 
  • Preview text  
  • Sender name
  • Sender email 
  • Signature 
  • Email body 
  • Contact merge fields (are populating) 
  • Campaign merge fields (are populating) 
  • Links 
  • Tagging from links 
  • Images 
  • Formatting 
  • Layout (desktop and mobile)

Final Thoughts On Infusionsoft Campaign Testing 

Be sure to take the time to test your Infusionsoft campaign BEFORE you officially launch out into the world.  It can take just a few minutes, but be worth identifying any possible issues.  It would be better if something didn’t work for you, than your prospects/customers! 

Happy Testing!!! 

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