What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a marketing and sales system for small businesses. Typically this is for businesses who have the following problems:

  • Lost revenue – lost leads and sales opportunities, therefore lost revenue due to inconsistent capturing of details or follow up of leads
  • Manual/inconsistent processes – manual workarounds or multiple systems not talking to each other or undefined or inconsistent business processes that aren’t automated.

Infusionsoft provides the critical integrated foundation for a successful small business.

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Infusionsoft Functionality   includes:

  • Customer Relationship Management – manage your contacts and communication with each contact in one central location
  • Segmentation & Triggers – split and target your list according to your own criteria, e.g. demographics, behaviours, purchases and more
  • Landing Pages & Web Forms – capture names, emails and other additional information on contacts
  • Drag & Drop Campaign Builder – map out your marketing and sales processes from landing pages, email, tasks and more
  • Email Delivery – send emails through this industry leader, Infusionsoft with 99% email deliverability rate
  • Lead scoring – determine which contacts are cold, warm and hot and target your contact according to the criteria that you define
  • Dashboard, Reports & Analytics – customised dashboard, meaningful reports and web analytics to monitor critical metrics for your business
  • Appointment & Task Manager – track appointments and tasks related to contact on their report and have these consolidated in your master calendar and task list
  • Products & Subscriptions – Create and manage products, including features, pricing, free trials and ongoing subscriptions
  • Billing & Payment Information – setup your payment methods, including setting up and collecting payments via credit card
  • Upsells & Discounts – target customers with relevant offers and discount to increase sales
  • And more… Including opportunity management and referral partners If you’re a business owner who knows you have a lot of money sitting in your business from inefficiencies or from lost sales OR you want to take your business to the next level, Infusionsoft may be your answer.

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