How To Capture Webinar Leads That Most Miss

Do you run lead generation webinars?

Do you run the same webinar more than once?

In this video, I’m going to talk you through some fundamental mistakes we see businesses make all the time when it comes to running promotional webinars.

This is particularly relevant if you drive traffic from your database emails or pay for advertising.

Make sure you don’t make these common mistakes of your webinar URL as well as missing out on late registrations.

The video will also cover, the steps you need to take to ensure that any late traffic to your webinar registration landing page doesn’t get lost.

Check it out below:

Webinars are an amazing channel to capture and convert new leads.

Be sure to apply these principles on your existing and new webinars so you don’t miss these valuable leads.

Here an example of what to add on a webinar registration landing page if the webinar has finished and you have no future dates yet confirmed.

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Here is an example of the email copy that we used for our wait list:

Are you considering running your first webinar or not happy with your webinar platform? Check out our comprehensive list of the factors you must consider when selecting.

Good luck with your upcoming webinars and make sure you don’t miss the opportunity of catching more leads from your webinar registration page even after the event has finished.

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