How To Be Notified When Clients Opt Out Of Your List In Infusionsoft

A client asked me recently, how can they be notified when a customer/client opts out of their list automatically in Infusionsoft.

If it’s critical for your clients to receive important messages from you, make sure you setup this automation so that you at least know when a client will no longer receive your emails.

Thanks to Email Status Automation, this is completely possible and saves time manually having to manage this process.

In this video, I’ll walk you through how to set this up so that a member of your team can have a task created to reach out to a client if they do opt out.

Note – these principles can also be applied to hard bounces and other email changes!

(And of course, if you have a high number of clients opting out of your emails, I’d strongly recommend looking at addressing the underlining issue of what you’re sending them).

Oh, also, make sure you setup the criteria correctly too, so that you’re not getting tasks created for all opt outs – that would not be fun!

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